Hein van Wyk

Hein van Wyk

I was born and bred in the Karoo in a small town called Strydenburg. Since childhood days I just loved radio and music.
I was born with a passion for Radio. When I was still a child my mother always told me: You will one day become one of two things; either a preacher or a radio dj. I tried the preacher profession for some time; but eventually ended up in Radio.
The first time I got involved with radio was way back in the year 1997. I started off with radio when community radio kicked off in South Africa. My career in radio started off with Radio Kingfisher in Port Elizabeth. Since then & over the last 25 years I was involved with different radio stations all over South Africa.

I am single parent of 3 boys who are all adults now. My wife sadly died in 2012 of cancer when we were still situated in Cape Town.
I just love radio; music and people. This would be the way I would like to spend my final days on earth.

Currently I am a Presenter at Harties FM in Hartbeespoort. I present 2 programs at Harties FM at the moment. Currently I am responsible for the weekly Drive Show HUISWAARTS; every weekday from 4 to 7pm. I also have a show on Saturday evenings from 4 tot 8pm; called VOLUME WINKEL. In this programme the listener gets to determine the playlist.

  • https://s5.radio.co/s68c6f4028/listen